Please note: Pizza is available beginning at 11:30 am .  If you want to book your party at an earlier time and still have pizza please know that pizza may have to wait to be served toward the end of the party.   For other catering options, please call one of our party planners for more information.

Additional Birthday party guests are $12.00 per person and additional tokens may be purchased for $2.00 per dozen.
Call for Reservations 843-842-9990.


        It’s party time at Adventure Cove!

The fun starts when you walk through the door. Adventure Cove does the party planning and preparation. Our professional staff is there to greet you and cater to your needs. Then when the party ends, you go home and we clean-up! You’re always a winner at “The Cove.” No one leaves the party without a prize. 

We also host private events, company outings and local tournaments.  Your event will be tailored to you and the sky is the limit. You can have a course designated just for your party or you can reserve the entire venue.  Give us a call to set up your next event! (843)842-9990

Below you will find a list of our Birthday Party packages.  We can also customize a party for you if you do not feel any of the following packages fit your needs.  

              Happy Birthday!